Applying for Social Security Disability in Bethlehem

How Should I Prepare For the Consultation?

Please bring the following information to your consultation:

  • All papers and documents having to do with your physical disability, including denial letters
  • Medical records, such as MRI or lab reports, if you already have these in your possession
  • Names and addresses of doctors, hospitals and treatment centers
  • Prescription list

How Should I Prepare for the Hearing?

Before the hearing, you will have at least one to two appointments with me to prepare for your appearance. If you are unable to arrange transportation to my office, I will consider arranging a meeting at another site in a mutually convenient location. I will be the lawyer that accompanies you to the hearing.

If you are working or if you receive Worker’s Compensation benefits, bring documentation to show what your income is for the period you receive benefits.

Everyday casual wear or jeans are acceptable attire for court. You do not need a new outfit.

We strongly encourage clients to arrange for a friend or relative to accompany them to the hearing. The hearing can be tiring and those with fatigue or health concerns may find themselves too drained to drive home afterwards.

Come prepared with an updated list of medications.

Hearings usually last around one hour and are usually located in your local community. If you have dietary concerns, please make proper arrangements. Restrooms are easily accessible.

You can expect that the judge will not make a decision at the hearing. A written decision will generally be sent to you within a few weeks following the hearing.


If you are applying for Social Security Disability in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, or the surrounding areas, please call today at 610-866-9220. Our fees are reasonable and offered on a contingency basis: no charge unless approved.