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Many clients will come to me after their first application for Social Security Disability (SSD) has been denied. After you have filed an appeal, there is generally about a year-long wait before your hearing. This is a difficult time period for many people facing disabilities as many people struggle to make ends meet. Your chance to have your disability case approved is dramatically improved if you are represented by an attorney who is experienced in Social Security law. Should your situation include dire circumstances, such as mortgage foreclosure, loss of utilities or denial of access to critical life services, a request can be submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) asking to expedite the case. While there is no guarantee, my firm will do all we can to advocate on your behalf.

Pennsylvania and Bethlehem SSD Attorney

You are entitled to obtain the opinion of your own treating physician, and by law, the opinion of your own treatment provider should be given more deference than opinions of Social Security’s consulting physicians. The Social Security Administration may try to send you to its own doctors who might suggest to the court that you are not disabled or eligible for disability benefits. I will work to emphasize your treating physician’s opinion in court, minimizing the chance that the SSA will be able to rely on the opinions of their own physicians who may see you only once for cursory examination.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is designed for those who have worked for a period of time, paying into the Social Security fund, and are now experiencing a debilitating illness or injury that prevents them from working for a year or more. Supplemental Security Income differs in that potential beneficiaries may not have an established work history, but may be disabled. If there are limited assets and low income, there may be entitlement to SSI.

While the medical requirements for SSDI and SSI are the same, the financial requirements for these differ. As your attorney, I can evaluate your situation and determine which program you should pursue.

You can be assured that your concerns will be heard. I listen closely to make sure that my firm is attuned to your needs and concerns so that we can prepare the best case possible for your specific situation. After reviewing the details of your condition and your case, I may recommend that you visit a specialty physician to strengthen your evidentiary case. I also thoroughly cover details which may include pre-hearing briefs to the judge and requests to Social Security asking that claims be granted without a hearing if the medical records justify immediate payment of benefits.

To learn more and discuss your case with a skilled SSDI and SSI disability benefits lawyer, please call Judith A. Dexter today at 610-866-9220. Our fees are reasonable and offered on a contingency basis: no charge unless approved.