Judith A. Dexter

I am attorney Judith A. Dexter, and for nearly 30 years, I have helped those suffering from disabilities seek Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Providing legal representation in the area of Social Security Disability claims is more than a job to me. I am passionate about helping people in a kind, respectful manner that helps them achieve the benefits needed to successfully move forward to a more secure future after a disability has left them unable to work.

Pennsylvania and Bethlehem Disability Benefits Lawyer

I am a strong advocate for my clients. My primary interest lies in seeing my clients obtain the disability benefits they need and move past a difficult time after an injury or illness has made it impossible for them to earn a living. From the beginning of the application throughout the entire process, I carefully provide each client the attention needed to make sure that all of the details are addressed. I am prepared to work hard to protect your rights to benefits.

I am joined by a skilled and personable staff that possesses the knowledge and cooperative work attitude needed to handle your case effectively and keep you at ease throughout your Social Security disability appeal. We are more than willing to ensure that your case is given the attention it deserves. In our law offices, you can expect an environment where your questions and concerns are answered cheerfully and thoroughly.

At my Pennsylvania Social Security Disability law firm, you will find that we possess a thorough understanding of the medical and psychological issues that surround disability situations as well as ample experience in working with clients facing these concerns. We are known to treat each client with respect and understanding, which helps us build a build a customized case for your situation.

To learn more, please call us at 610-866-9220. Our fees are reasonable and offered on a contingency basis: no charge unless approved.