Attorney Profile

Since she began the practice of law in 1982, Judith Dexter has been working to help people with their personal legal problems. In 1990, she limited her private practice to Social Security disability and SSI cases, as she served simultaneously for the Lehigh County court system as a part-time Child Custody Master. Since 2004, she focuses her practice full time on disability law.

Judith Dexter of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, provides a customized legal service to her clients. Her years of life experience have provided her with a keen understanding of physical ailments and psychological problems that can affect a person’s ability to work. She has worked in many health facilities and environments. Beginning at the age of 14, she was a volunteer in a Veteran’s Administration Hospital, and she helped care for veterans injured in the Vietnam War, as well as those who were hospitalized long term for other ailments. Ms. Dexter has worked in nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, and juvenile facilities that provided inpatient care as well as outpatient services.

Attorney Judith Dexter understands that the pursuit of disability benefits is important to each and every client, and she is committed to her clients throughout the various levels of the Social Security process. Although most of her cases are approved at the hearing level, if an appeal to the next level is needed, she will continue advocating for her clients at each level, including appeals to Federal Court, if necessary.

There is no charge for legal services unless benefits are awarded to the client. When benefits are awarded, the legal fees come from past due benefits awarded, and are generally limited to 25% of the past due benefits up to a cap provided by law (currently no more than $6,000). A written fee agreement will be provided if services are rendered.

Judith Dexter is a sustaining member of NOSSCR, the National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives.

To learn how lawyer Judith A. Dexter can help you obtain the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you need to move forward to a more secure future, please call 610-866-9220 today to learn more. Our fees are reasonable and offered on a contingency basis: no charge unless approved.  Federal Court cases are handled differently, and should this step become necessary, more details will be provided.

Judith A Dexter